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County of Zadar - General informations

county in the Northen Dalmatia


ZADAR "Zadar Snova"

international theatre festival


ZADAR "Mitra Zonata"

original kcncert dalmatian music by the SeaOrgan


ZADAR "Musical Evenings in St.Donat Church"

international music festival of clasical music


ZADAR "Summer Theatre Festival"

in the cultural and historic ambient of the city of Zadar.


ZADAR "The Fullmoon Festival"

the most famouse festival in Zadar


ZADAR "The Gold and Silver of Zadar"

the largest european exibiton of gold and sliver unikates


ZADAR "The Greeting to the Sun"

the world - known attraction


ZADAR "The Sea Organ"

the world - known attraction


ZADAR - "Maraschino"

the world - known croatian drink from Zadar


ZADAR General informations

the centre of Northern Dalmatia




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