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ZADAR "The Fullmoon Festival"

the most famouse festival in Zadar

Croatia - Zadar - The Fullmoon Festival

Many tourists are visiting Zadar to enjoy unforgettable sunsets with a view of nearby islands.



Famed director Alfred Hitchcock said that the most beautiful sunset in the world can be seen from precisely this spot on the Zadar's sea promenade (Riva). That was how he described it after his visit to Zadar, a visit he remembered throughout his life by the meeting of the sinking sun and the sea. But he didn't know how beautiful is the fullmoon above the Zadar Channel.


On the night of the full moon in high summer, the Riva is lit by torch and candlelight. Boats are turned into floating markets selling the best tuna and sardines from the famous fishermen of Kali (Ugljan); clams from Pašman and mussels from Novigrad. Rustic, temporary taverns serve everything from "Šokol" from Nin to figs, cheese, rakia and traditional cooking.



If you don't have the chance to travel to Zadar's outlaying towns and islands to sample the folklore of the region, much of it will be showcased here. A memorable event. The Fullmoon Festival takes place in July or at the begining of August.



the original text and photos of tourist boards city of Zadar.




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