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Harley Days Biograd 2014

Harley Days Biograd 2014



harleys event in Biograd 2014


Harley Davidson – symbol of adventure, passion and life on open road is celebrating 110 years of manufacture.


Harley Davidson is celebrating 110years of manufacture


Annual world manifestation will take place in town of Biograd in centre of Croatia in June 2014.

Biograd was already privileged to be host for Harley Davidson lovers on central 3 day manifestation from 26.05. – 29.05. in year 2011. organized by Harley Davidson - Croatia Harley Days & 20th European H.O.G Rally


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This small town hosted more then 20000 bikers offering unique experience for both visitors and Biograd citizens.


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In those 3 days Biograd became Harleys centre with typical bikers iconography on every corner of this charming town.

Parties were organized on open stages but also in bars all over the town.


A number of guided tours were offered to participants by organization team.

- Krka National Park ride

- Riding the Emperor Diokletian's roads

- Ride to islands of Ugljan and Pasman

- Plitvice Lakes National Park ride


Many bikers enjoyed cruises to beautiful islands od Kornati archipelago.


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Ladies enjoyed special ride named Pag lace from Biograd to Island of Pag.



Island of pag-special ride by Harleys


Custom Bike show was held in the neighbouring city of Zadar on magnificient place known as „Salute to the sun" attracting a range of amazing motorcycles from across Europe that competed for first and second place in one of 10 categories.


Croazia - Biograd - Harley Days


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Special highlight was on 6km long parade on the ride from Zadar to Biograd.


Harley Davidson parade passed Sukosan on the ride from Zadar to Dubrovnik. They pass by our agency Lotos Tours

Harleys passing Sukosan.


Harleys parade from Zadar to Biograd



Biograd prooved to be a great host for Harley bikers and it has been awarded by another opportunity to host again Harley Davidson fans in year 2014.


This manifestation will again include parties on open stages, music, bikers parade, rehoursal rides, exhibitions, custom bike shows.

It's surely going to be one of the biggest moto-events in forthcoming year.


Those who want to explore Croatia on two wheels will not be disappointed. A mountain range runs through the country north to south, marking the spine of the country. Twisty, well-maintained roads wind through the rocky terrain offer a beautiful view around every corner.

Clinging to the country’s edge, more fantastic biking roads offer riders a truly memorable journey when heading north to south.


Harley Davidson bikers - come again to very heart of Croatia, to see the diversity of nature that Croatia provides, to enjoy the ride from our capital town of Zagreb through magnificient Gorski kotar and Plitvice lakes leading to rugged mountain beauty Velebit untill you reach our coast. Stroll along our beautiful coastline and enjoy the view on turquise sea untill you reach Biograd.


Enjoy beautiful coastline of Croatia - welcome Harley bikers




Harley Davidson Biograd 2014


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