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The Garden Tisno 2015

The Garden, Electric Elephant, Soundwave, SunceBeat, Stop Making Sense


The Garden Family in Tisno in Croatia 2015


the Garden Tisno, Šibenik, Croatia



New home for The Garden family is set in private bay with sandy beach only 10 minute away from charming place of Tisno on Island of Murter.




the garden tisno 2014, croatia, accommodation in tisno


Village is a perfect festival site - a music heaven hidden in pine wood on the shimmering shoreline.


soundwave festival tisno croatia, the garden festival tisno, stop making sense festival, electric elephant festival



Parties are going on 3 stages

Tiki bar & Beach stage - visitors dancing in the sea while listening to music of famous DJ-s.

Main Stage in the village centre surrounded by the grennery and only few steps from the sea

East Stage hidden in the greenery with moto Anything goes.


the garden festivals in Tisno, soundwave festival, elecrtric elephant festival, suncebeat festival, stop making sense



Special party events are organized on boat Argonaut that sails of twice a day from village and offer unique experience of dancing on the boat while sailing among islands and islets of extraordinary beauty.


accommodation in tisno, rooms, apartments in Tisno, garden festival Tisno Croatia



Boat parties are designed for those who wish to escape from village hubbub and spend some moments on shimmering sea listening to music of their favourite artist in good company.


boat parties on Argonaut, Tisno, Croatia, The Garden parties



When party on Garden site ends everybody moves to bay Prosika to Barbarella's discotheque -outdoor afterhours club to dance under stars untill sun arise.


barbarella's afterhour club, Tisno, Croatia, onsite accommodation in Tisno


barbarella's afterhour club in Pirovac, Tisno, Croatia



No matther which festival you take part in......



the garden tisno, onsite accommodation in Tisno, apartments, rooms, houses


electric elephant festival tisno, the garden croatia 2014, accommodation in Tisno


soundwave festival tisno croatia 2014, the garden tisno croatia, accommodation, rooms, apartments, houses, villas in Tisno


suncebeat festival, the garden, croatia, tisno 2014


Stop Making Sense festival Tisno Croatia 2014, The garden Croatia



you will need quality accommodation to rest and relax after long parties.


In Tisno, 10 minute walk distance from festival site there is a whole range of private apartments and family run hotels that are up to your standard.

You can rent a vacation house for you and your friends only with no tenants to live there or luxury apartment in beautiful villa or charming small apartment that gives you idea how people live here.


tisno center accommodation, The Garden festival Tisno Croatia


With its central position between two major tourist destination Zadar (45km north of Tisno) and Split (65km south of Tisno), it is a great starting point to visit both regions and neighbouring town of Šibenik as well.


accommodation in Tisno for garden festivals, Pirovac, Šibenik, Croatia


A whole range of beautiful National Parks are on your hand: National Park Kornati, National Park Krka, National Park Paklenica


When choosing to arrive to Croatia by plane you will find useful following information on flights and airports.

Zadar airport  /  Split airport


Take a part in Garden festivals, share this unique feeling of dancing in warm crystal clear sea with sand between your toes with music lovers from all over the world.


tisno festivals croatia 2014, soundwave, sms, suncebeat, the garden


TISNO / THE GARDEN FESTIVAL   02.07. - 09.07.2014

TISNO / ELECTRIC ELEPHANT       10.07. - 14.07.2014

TISNO / SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL   17.07. - 21.07.2014

TISNO / SUNCEBEAT FESTIVAL     23.07. - 30.07.2014

TISNO / STOP MAKING SENSE      31.07. - 03.08.2014




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