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Vrsi - drive instructions

Prikaz veće karte

                                                  DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS


When you are traveling to Croatia You need to have:

-valid Passeport, driving licence, International motor insurance card

-Personal health insurance


RECCOMMANDING ROADS:  Zagreb-Karlovac (old highway)


Old road (D1) without Toll Rates– Karlovac - Slunj-Plitvice-Korenica-Udbina-Gračac-old Maslenica bridge-Posedarje-Murvica- turning Briševo-Nin – to a large intersection in Nin turn toward Vrsi.Drivee over water the fields of Nin saltpans.A few hundred meters further is a small bridge over the small river. By the bridge drive right.One kilometer away lies the village of Grbe. Drive through Grbe and drive on 500 meters. On the right side of the main road turn to landscape Zukve. If you are located in the Vrsi-Mulo then drive on by the main road another kilometar and by the sign Vrsi-Mulo drive left. Drive left and after one hundred meters enter to the village. Settlement Vrsi-Mulo is long over two kilometers, and please be careful because the streets are marked with Roman numerals, or just for example 21.ulica (21th street)


New highway A1, with Toll Rates – Macelj – Krapina – Zagreb – Bosiljevo - tunnel Mala Kapela - tunnel Sv.Rok - new Maslenica bridge – Posedarje – exit Zadar 1 – Murvica - turning Briševo – Nin – Vrsi.


Combination : Macelj – Krapina (highway A2)-Zagreb (old highway)-Karlovac-D1-Slunj-Plitvice-Korenica-Udbina-Gornja Ploča (highway A1)- tunnel Sv.Rok-new Maslenica bridge-Posedarje-exit Zadar 1- Murvica- turning to Briševo – Nin – Vrsi.

(highway Toll rates are only 60 kn-8 €)

Toll Rates in Croatia:    Macelj- Zagreb - Zadar A1  is 150 kn (20 €) in one direction




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