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                                     DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS

 When you are traveling to Croatia You need to have:

-valid Passeport, driving licence, International motor insurance card

-Personal health insurance




Zagreb-Karlovac (old highway)


Old road (D1) without Toll Rates– Karlovac - Slunj-Plitvice-Korenica-Udbina-Gračac-old Maslenica bridge-Posedarje-Murvica- turning Briševo-Nin.


New highway A1, with Toll Mates – Macelj – Krapina – Zagreb – Bosiljevo - tunnel Mala Kapela - tunnel Sv.Rok - new Maslenica bridge – Posedaje - exit Nin (Zadar 1) – Murvica - Briševo - Nin.


Combination : Macelj – Krapina (highway A2)-Zagreb (old highway)-Karlovac-D1-Slunj-Plitvice-Korenica-Udbina-Gornja Ploča (highway A1)- tunnel Sv.Rok-new Maslenica bridge-Posedarje-exit Zadar 1-Murvica-turning Briševo-Nin (highway Toll rates are only 60 kn-8 €)



Toll Rates:


- Austria – 8 € (valid vignette 10 days)

- Slovenia – 35 € (valid vignette 6 months)

-in Croatia:    Macelj- Zagreb - Zadar A1  is 150 kn (20 €) in one direction


For passengers who do not want to pay tolls we recommended route D1: Karlovac-Slunj-Plitvice-Korenica-Udbina-Gračac-old Maslenički most-Posedarje-Poličnik-Murvica-turning Briševo-Nin (if you going to the Zadar than : Murvica - Zadar)


In Nin is an ambulace, doctor, pharmacy, post office, bank, exchange offices, a few cash machines, groceries, store, outdoor market, fish market, bakery, confectionery, caffe-bars, restaurants, museum, petrol station, town hall and few very prominent croatian historic heritages.





We wish You a pleasant holiday in Nin.


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