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during the winter
Croatia - Dalmatia - Nin - hunting tourism close to Nin and Holiday Village Zaton

In the last years the hunting tourism has been developing thanks to the activities of the Hunting  society «Jarebica» («Partridge»). The society was founded.in 1923., it has 300 members (hunters). The society covers the hunting area nr. XIII/52 in the County of Zadar, total area is 7250 ha. The main care of the society is rearing and protection of the game with a goal to encrease the font of game. In the area of Nin you can find: noble autochtone partridge, hare, quail, snipe, mallard and although it is not its habitat the protected sort of bird grey common heron.

Some time ago in Nin are active the Kennel Club «Nin» and the Club of Shortcoated German Bird-fancier.

Lovačko društvo "Jarebica" Nin
tel./fax.: +385/ 23/ 264 005



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