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Religious Tourism

Croatia - Damatia - Nin - The Lady of Island Zecevo, close to Nin,Vrsi and Pag

There are two moments of the church history which are the reasons for the pilgrimages to Nin . Namely, it is well known that on the 7th Juni 879 Pope John Paul VIII sent letters to the Prince Branimir and bishop Theodosius in which he recognized Branimir for the first Croatian ruler and Theodosius for the first Croatian bishop. The Croatian people who founded their state with Nin as a religious, political and cultural seat was in that way accepted into the Romancatholic religious community. There was a great gathering of pilgrims 1979 under the name «The Brnaimir's Year» and celebration of 1100 years of Pope's recognition of Croatia. To the honour of this event every year since then this important recognition is being celebrating in a way that young people from the whole Zadar archbishop's diocese come on foot to Nin.

The second reason for the development of religious tourism in Nin is connected with the appearance of Our Lady of Zečevo. Not far from Nin lies an islet Zečevo which is separated from the mainland by a shallow sea. By low tide you can reach the islet on foot. The hermit monks built on the islet the church Our Lady of Zečevo. According to the written traces and the official recognition of church Our Lady appeared to Jelena Grubišić on th 5th Mai 1516. The church authorities from then recognized the appearance and since then every year untill today that happening has been celebrating as a votive Day of Our Lady of Zečevo on the first Monday before Ascension-day. There are masses in the church St. Anselm in Nin and on the 5th of May and 5th of August people pilgrim with boats or on foot to the place of appearance and celebrate masses to the honour of our Lady in her church on the islet of Zečevo.


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