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Croatia - Dalmatia - Nin - medical mud close to Hloliday village Zaton

A little town on the islet is the destination of many tourists. Some of them visit it because of the cultural heritage, some of them visit it because of its wonderful natural sandy beaches which according to ADAC are among the most beautiful in Dalmatia, many tourists stay in the near Holiday Village Zaton, but Nin will be surely visited for the health motives because in the vicinity there is the largest location of medical mud (peloid and liman) which has been used for health purposes since Roman times.

The effect of curatively peloid comes through physical, mechanichal and chemichal result. The therapy is done in the pleasant natural ambiente and consists of bathing and swimming in the warm sea, treatment with medical mud which is made under the control of medical staff. The sea, thanks to the influence of the sun enables the prolongation of the therapy and this especially by various neuro-illnesses, by various deformation of spine and the accompaning phenomena as a result of deformation of locomotoric system, by the problem of women's unfruitfulness and also by the skin's deseases. The idea about the building of a tourist- healthy center is almost 3o years old and we believe that it will be realized soon because the activities have already begun.

The finding place of medical mud is located in an oase of shallow, long and sandy lagoons, far from the direct traffic, industrial zones and larger roads. The shallow area going deep into the mainland enables 2-3 degrees higher temperature than the tenperature at the open sea what makes greater salinity and aerosol. That is the reason why in Nin but not near the location of the medical mud we find well known salt pans. The way of getting salt leads us to the natural processes of evaporation of the sea under the influence of the sun.


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