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Baska Voda is a small town in the heart of Dalmatia,riviera of Makarska.

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a town and harbour on the Makarska littoral, 9.5 km northwest of Makarska. Inhabitants:2000.
Economy is based on farming, fishing and tourism. Chief crops include olives, vines, sour cherries and figs. Forests and pebble beaches favoured an intensive development of tourism. The sea depth along the pier in the harbour reaches 7-11 m.
What once used to be a town of farmers, fishermen, merchants and seamen now is a modern settlement with all the characteristics of a small Mediterranean town.
Baska Voda Beaches:
Baska Voda is known for its for quiet marina and superb restaurants, and for its beautiful idyllic coves and white beaches.
Baska Voda offers clear sea, beautiful beaches with pine trees, high quality hotels and excellent restaurants.It has a long pebbly beach (2km) and a promenade lined with palm trees, cafes and restaurants. The promenade is perfect for jogging and bicycling.
Crystalclear and warm sea, a well preserved natural enviroment and magnificant geographical position, in the heart of Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast, make Baška Voda an ideal tourist destination.



A long tradition in the tourism industry guarantees that you'll wish your holiday here never ends.

You will be able to enjoy a Mediterranean climate, mild winter and dry, hot and sunny summer. Average temperatures: in July - air 24, 3 C° & - sea 25, 1 C° and in January - air 8, 3 C° - sea 13, 5 C°. This area is one of the sunniest parts of northern Mediterranean with approximatly 2700 sunny hours per year. In average, Baška Voda yearly has 40 days when air temperature is higher than 30 C° and only seven days when the air temperature is below 0 C°.  

Baska Voda Accommodation:
Tourist capacities: 10 000 beds in hotels, private accommodation, apartments and camps.
Comfortable hotels were built, the camp was open and more and more private houses were engaged in tourism. Tourism here reached it's peak in 1980s.
Hotels  in Baska Voda :
- Hotel Horizont ****
- Aparhotel Milenij ***
- Hotel Slavija **
- Hotel Complex Urania **
- Hotel Hrvatska ** 
- Hotel Alem, Baško Polje **
- Hotel Berulia Beach ***
- Hotel Bacchus ****
- Hotel Gađa ****
- Hotel Conte ****Promajna
- Hotel Dubravka***
Besides improvements in accommodation, special attention is payed to enviroment , quality of the beaches and entire tourist infrastructure.

Baska Voda Campings :
- Camping Basko Polje, capacitiy 2727  per.  
- Camping Niko, capacity 30 per.
Baska Voda Entertainment:
Other than accommodation, Baška Voda offers its' guests long white pebbly beaches, a harbour, over 20 restaurants, pizzerias and taverns, numerous cafés and pastery shops, a variety of shops, ambulance, a pharmacy, bank, post office, produce market, exchange offices, discotheque, dancing terraces, playgrounds, soccer field, tennis courts etc.
Very interesting are religious feasts - especially the Good Friday procession (which proceeds through all villages in the municipality, 15 km), St. Nicholas' Day (patron of Baska Voda, 6th of December). The festival of harmony-singing groups of the Makarska littoral is held on St. Lawrence's Day (10th of August).

Baska Voda Sport and recreation:
Baška Voda offers various sport an recreational activities, such as: soccer, tennis, handball, bocce, beach volleyball, parasailing, mountain biking, jet ski, paragliding, hiking, windsurfing, water skiing, paddle boats, diving etc.
Baska Voda Excursions:
Ideal starting point for many excursions.  Excursion from Baska Voda are organized to the following destinations:
-Park of nature Biokovo
-Cetina canyon (rafting on cetina)
-Blue and Red Lake
-Krka Waterfalls
Baska Voda History:
Fresh water springs were used for watering the cattle and it can be assumed that first buildings built during 17th century were shelters for shepards.
First public building was St. Lawrence's Chapel from 1750.
When the risk of pirats' attack ceased local population returned on the coast and built new Baška Voda. The population starts developing tradition in agriculture, fishing and sailing. Many buildings were built including St. Nicholaus Church in 1889.
Traces of life on this area over three thousand years old.
Baska Voda Cultural Heritage:
Museums: archaeological and malacological collections, native museum. Churches: St. Lawrence (1750), St. Nicholaus The Passanger (1889). Dalmatian architecture. Long tradition in sailing and trading.
Baska Voda Churches:
-St. Lawrence Chapel
-Church of St. Nicolas
-Church of Assumption
-St. Rocco Chapel
-Church of All Saints

After the harbour was constructed in 1912 Baška Voda became the most important harbour in this area through which intensive trade between islands and Biokovo area took place. In the 1930s first hotel was built. It was hotel Slavija owned by Sikavica family. In 1933 society which takes care of Baška Voda appearance was established.



Today Baška Voda, Promajna , Bratuš, Krvavica, Topići and Bast present a kaleidoscope of hospitality, tradition and modern life. Comfortable accommodation, good restaurants, long white pebbly beaches, museums, and entertainment are at your disposal.

 Croatia Baska Voda - Baska Voda Private accommodation - Baska Voda Hotels - Baska Voda Holiday resorts - Baska Voda Boat Renatals. 


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