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Murter is a small town on the island of Murter

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Stari Murter (the Old Village), with authentic stone arched alleyways, authentic and simple houses, stone walls overgrown by climbing plants, and with the modest but inventive features of a valuable architectural ambience.
Welcome to a place where even today the construction of wooden boats has not been abandoned. You can search throughout the entire Adriatic and the Mediterranean, but you will never find as many wooden boats as at Murter.
If the history of the olive tree is the history of the Mediterranean, then judging by Murter and the entire region, one of the arteries of the Mediterranean beats here. The once recorded 170,000 olive trees show that there were few examples of the worship of this plant such as existed here. In the gastronomic trio of wine, fish, and olive oil, it makes every food even tastier. You can cook even the simplest dish, but when you season it with oil from Murter, you are - through a simple alchemy at a royal feast!
Murter - Beaches :
Murter has wonderful beaches.
The most known is Slanica beach in the town of Murter. It is a small sandy beach with a hotel and camping nearby. It attracts many young people and familes with children. If you walk along the coast and the camping, you will soon come to a beautiful pebbly natural beach.

Kosirina beach is located along the road between Jezera and Murter and faces south. There is a small camping, realtively wild, very little facilities, showers & toilletes, a small kiosk, electricity and that's it. Most of the guests in the camping practice clothing optional policy although it is not a nudist camping sight. The beach is partly sandy and partly rocky.
 Jazine is a wonderful beach in Tisno village. Tisno is partly on the island and partly on the mainland. Jazine is actually located on the mainland within the auto camping. It is a wonderful bay facing north with a pebbly central part and concrete arranged sides. There are showers, a small beach bar offering something to eat, beach chair rental, sand volley court, small shop within the camping and lots of pine trees for shade.
There are also other becahes on the island like Cigradje, Sveti Andrija and other. But the best thing to do is to rent a small
motor boat and tour the island.
Murter - History :
A landscape exhibiting traces of life from the prehistoric period (hillforts), through the classical period (the Roman settlement of Colentum from the 1st cent. AD), and the medieval period (early Croatian findings, with a parish as early as 1298), up to the more recent period, as evident by the kilometers-long rows
of dry-stone walls and fences.
Murter is a town of fishermen and laborers, boat builders and sailors, where a gentle climate rules, where the winds follow the sun, and summer thirsts are cooled in the cleanest sea of the Mediterranean.
Welcome to a landscape which in terms of vegetation is
a "botanical garden" of the Medi­te­rranean, with all so well
known Medite­rra­ne­an plants (grapes, olives, figs, as well
as sage, Spanish broom, juniper, and lavender...).
Murter is a place where, just like throughout the Mediterranean, the body ages quicker than the soul, and where many claim (although not authenticated) that people live 95, 120, and even 150 years!
And if you look at a map of the Adriatic (or indeed the entire Mediterranean), you will see that such an abundance of islands
 and islets, in such density and such beauty, does not exist
in any other place.
Murter is a town that will still keep you warm in memory even
in the cold seasons. And you must certainly come again.
For these people and this town never say "goodbye", just
"see you later".
Murter - Sport and Recreation :
Welcome to a town where the people know how to have
fun and share everything with you -- a place that treats you
as an old acquaintance and friend, and people for whom your satisfaction is the greatest reward.
And if you wish to see the entire island and locate its position
more precisely, don't peer at maps and guides. Instead, we recommend that you climb the hill of Raduč or Sv. Rok
(above the old town), where your gaze will extend into
the endless distance.
You can navigate and sail (Lateen sail) in the well known
Murter "gajeta" (fishing bo­ats), you can take part in sport competitions, fi­shing contests, the Murter Festival, listen to "klapa" (close-harmony singing), Murter folksongs,
numerous poets (folk and otherwise)... in the hours when
night replaces day.
Close to Murter you can stumble upon the numerous Kornati islands.  And if you are tired of the crowds, welcome to the solitude and silence of the numerous coves ("porti") with only
 a few houses (Kornati, Žut, Sita, Gangaro), where you can
your solitude with nature in its most innocent form.
Murter Croatia - Murter Hotels - Murter apartments - camping Murter - Murter Boat and Yacht Rentals - Murter Lighthouse Prisnjak accommodation - Colentum Murter - Murter Kornati. 
Text copied from the Murter Tourist Board
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