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from Biograd and Sv.Filip-Jakov

Croatia - Dalmatia - Biograd - 1 hour submarine excursions
For decades, submarines have been an ideal vessel for investigating the ocean's mysterious depths, giving new experiences to those lucky ones to be inside.

Submarine BG 00000 is a vessel designed to have the same look as a real submarine, with a conning tower, dive planes and rounded hull shape.
There are about 55 similar boats around the world. Our semiSUBMARINE has the biggest window area for passenger exploration of underwater world. It is small and manoeuvrable enough to get you to the best position for underwater “sightseeing“ without diving. Underwater cabin has big unbreakable windows situated 1.5m under the sea level.
In each tour you can see something different because the vessel is not stationary – it sails along the coastline of Biograd and nearby islands. SemiSUBMARINE speed is non-stop between 1 – 2 knots, slow enough so the marine life is not frightened by our approach. You can see different fish species, starfish, sea urchins, bivalves, hydroids and different marine algae.
During the tour you are going to hear the story about the importance of the Pašman channel in the history and get acquainted with local marine life, with music playing discreetly in the background. Nearly every seat has a leaflet with basic information and pictures of sea creatures for your better orientation.
Entrance is very easy, the only thing you have to do for this adventure is get down by staircase to the viewing cabin, so even a grandparents will be able to join in. We also didn't forget the smallest ones, who are may be for the first time in their lives going to see the sea creatures. The door to upper deck is always open, so you can visit the top deck at any time during the trip.
Your can take your cameras with you (your photos will turn out the best with 400 speed film) or even better the digital camera. Create your own film adventure and show it to your friends!

We called her semiSUBMARINE – that means a boat in a shape of submarine with underwater cabin and big unbreakable glasses
The semiSUBMARINE has an underwater cabin with unbreakable windows on both sides so you are completely sitting under the sea level. The feeling is the same as you are in real submarine!
It's not dive submarine, it stands on the sea level and you are in cabin which is under the sea level.

SemiSUBMARINE offers 6 tours per day – 5 from Biograd and one from St Filip and Jakov. Every seat is good, because we have only the window seats. The highest number of passengers is 12, so be sure to make a reservation!!!

It shouldn't shank. The whole construction has very high standarts. We were from the beginning of building the semiSUBMARINE under very strict controle. In case that something break the semiSUBMARINE stay on sea level with enough air in the cabin.
The whole excursion is made for „underwater sightseeing“ of fauna and flora. There is also  a story about the area you are in. So the various kinds of fish, shells, sea grass, algae and also the copy of the original ancient locality awaits you!!!
The semiSUBMARINE is for 12 passangers + skipper/captain.
The only thing you have to do is to step down the stairs to the underwater cabin.
We have discounts for families called „family pack“ – 3+1 ticket for free and we also have discounts for groups up to 10 passangers
The semiSUBMARINE is for every age, but even a baby (not using the seat) is a passanger.
1 ticket cost 70,00 KN per person (day drive) and 90,00 KN (night drive).

The day and night drive takes about 45-50 minutes.
You can buy the tickets in our agency  In high season (July, August) we reccomand to make a reservation.
You can reserve the tickets in our agency throuhg our e-mail: info@lotos-croatia.com, on telephone numbers   +385 (0) 23 265-555  or   +385 (0) 91 5519995  (in these cases you should pick up and pay Your tickets 1 day before Your drive).
In a case of really bad weather (rain, big waves) we are not driving and You should change Your date and time of the drive. If any of the possibilities doesn't suit you with the return of Your ticket we give Your money back.
Day tours:         
BIOGRAD NA MORU            
08:00* 09:00   10:00   11:00    15:00*  16:00   17:00   18:00*

SV.FILIP I JAKOV              
12:30   13:30* 

Night tours:      
BIOGRAD NA MORU             21:00   22:00   23:00

*Extra drives
Price per person: 70,00 KN day i 90,00 KN night



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