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one of the most beauty bay on atriatic coast
Croatia - Dalmatia - Nature park Telascica Bay, in county of Zadar, close to National park Kornati Islands
TELASCICA, a large cove in the extreme south of the island Dugi Otok; around 10 km long and between 160 and 1,800 m wide, with several expansions with sandy and mud bottoms; the depth in the inner part attains 12 m, and in the outer part reaches up to 60 m.
The eastern coast comprises the inlets Cuska, Dumboka, Oscenica, Gozdenja, Rakvic, Krasevica and Mangrovica, while the coves Strizna, Tripuljak, Mir, Jaz and Pasjak are in the west.
The western expansion comprises the small islands Donji and Gornji Skolj, the central part the islet of Farfarikulac, and the cliffs Gozdenja, Galijola and the small island of Korotan are in the eastern part which reaches the islands of Velika Aba and Katina.
The north-eastern coast of Telascica is predominantly bare, and the south-eastern part is covered by forest of pine, olive and fig trees; macchia, interspersed with forests, grows further from the coast. The southern coast of Telascica is separated from the sea by a narrow, forested crest, terminating in a 50 to 100-m high and steep seashore. A brackish lake (beach) is located in this region; area 0.23 sq km; depth 5.8 m.
Telascica is one of the largest and most beautiful coves on the Croatian coast. A path from the western part of Telascica leads to the village Sali, situated on the eastern part of the island. The cove represents good anchoring ground and shelter for yachts.

Web: www.telascica.hr

The following sentence could best describe the beauty of Telascica, visited by many tourists in form of guided Excursions: "When God created the universe, he was particularly generous to this place". The cove has 25 inlets, five islets and a special natural attraction - the salt lake. The medicinal lake water has a higher salt content and temperature from the surrounding sea, being thus especially attractive for swimmers.
The steep cliffs, rising up to 166 m and protecting the cove from the raging sea, are very impressive. The mysterious legends of buried gold and strange original inhabitants with five small horns on their heads fit into this marvellous and beautiful scenery.
Boaters and visitors to this cove, one of the best-protected on the Adriatic Sea, can enjoy a safe yachting experience as well as top-quality fish food and domestic wines. Kornati National Park is not far from Telascica (1.6 Nm).




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