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mountain on the Northen Croatia

Croatia - Slavonia - Naure park Papuk, the peak close to Slavonska Pozega


PAPUK, a peak in the region of Slavonia, on the northern and north-western border of the Pozeska Valley in Slavonia; the highest peak Papuk (954 m).
Springs and sources of many water bodies (the Cadavica, the Karasica, the Pakra). Forest vegetation (oak, beech). Vineyards on the southern slopes of the foothills. The road Cacinci Velika Pozega leads over the Perivoj peak (725 m).

For more informations take a look:
Web: www.pp-papuk.hr

Thanks to the Vocin nobleman Josip Jankovic, the central part of Papuk was arranged in the first half of the 19th century, especially Jankovac. Mountaineering societies were also founded, the first one in 1895 in Jankovac (one of the oldest in Croatia) and in 1932 also in Daruvar and elsewhere.
This marked the beginning of organized hiking tours on the biggest Slavonian mountain, Papuk. After the construction of mountain huts and other facilities and the marking of trails, Papuk became a frequent destination of excursionists and mountaineers.
The asphalt road from Velika to Jankovac runs through the highest part of Papuk (the Nevoljas pass, around 700 m) and divides it in the eastern (lower) and the western (higher) part.

There are several mountain lodges and tourist facilities on Papuk: the mountain lodge Lapjak (335 m) 3 km from Velika, the thermal spa Toplice (296 m) in the vicinity of Velika, the mountain hut Trisnjica, 7 km from the Lapjak lodge, the facilities of the mountain rescue team on Nevoljas (725 m), the ski-lift above Jezerce (descends from Nevoljas), the mountain lodge Jankovac (475 m) on the northern slopes of Papuk.

Usual accesses: Lapjak lodge Duboka Jezerce Nevoljas (2 hrs); Lapjak lodge Maliscak Papuk (4 hrs); by road, Lapjak lodge Velicanka spring Jankovac (16 km); Velika Papuk peak (17 km).




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