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northen part of Zagreb
Croatia - Zagreb - Nature park Medvednica, the Northern part od Zagreb city
MEDVEDNICA (Zagrebacka Gora), a mountain in the immediate vicinity of the northern part of Zagreb; the highest peak Sljeme (1,032 m).
It stretches in the southwest-northeast direction in the total length of 42 km; area about 240 sq km. It is formed of green slate. Lower parts are covered with Mesozoic and Tertiary layers.
Veternica Cave is located in the south-western part. The mountain is forested (common oak, sessile oak, beech, fir). The road Zagreb - Stubicke Toplice runs through the central part, while the road Kasina - Laz - Marija Bistrica leads through the eastern part.
Medvednica was populated in the prehistoric times (Veternica Cave). The first mention of it is found in the records from 1209; Mons Ursi (lat. Bear's Mountain).
Tourism on Medvednica has a long tradition. The first hiking object in Croatia was erected here in 1870 - a small, wooden pyramid. The beauty, variety, size and condition of hiking and walking trails and mountain lodges in the immediate vicinity of the city of Zagreb ensure a large number of regular visitors throughout the year.
Medvednica is also the best-equipped skiing centre of the entire northern Croatia. There is a longer chair lift, sev-eral ski slopes with ski lifts and several sleighing slopes. The cable-car operates throughout the year, connecting the foot of Medvednica in Zagreb with its peak.
Due to a number of natural beauties and the necessity to protect this mountain, situated actually on the very edge of the city of Zagreb, the entire mountain massif of Medvednica has been set aside as a nature park. Within the Nature Park there are several special forest vegetation reserves, which are protected on a higher level.
Well preserved forests of Medvednica constitute the major recreational zone of the large city of Zagreb, with the population of almost a million. Apart from walking through the forests, Medvednica attracts its visitors by several nice caves.
The most interesting of them is Veternica, one of the largest caves in Croatia. There are also a number of attract-ive gorges, waterfalls (Sopot Waterfall), karst phenomena, etc. The most beautiful cultural and historical monument is the restored mediaeval fortification of Medvedgrad.
Next to it is the Homeland Altar, commemorating the Croats who fell for the freedom and independence of Croatia. It is regularly visited by foreign statesmen on the occasion of their visits to Croatia, as well as by numerous visitors from the country.
Apart from Medvedgrad, major attractions also include the ruins of Susedgrad, Zelingrad and several Sljeme chapels. The most frequently visited part of Medvednica is its peak, Sljeme (1,032 m), which may be reached by car, by cable-car or on foot.
Next to it are the television tower with a vista point (closed at present), the Tomislavov Dom hotel, the Sljeme chapel and several mountain lodges and catering establishments.


Accommodation: hotels Tomislavov Dom (B), Hunjka (B); mountain lodges: Red Cross Home "Sljeme", Dom Izviđaca, Risnjak, Graficar, Runolist, "Ivan Packovski" (Puntijarka), Lipa, etc.
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