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nearby Makarska
Croatia - Dalmatia - Nature park Biokovo Mountain, close by Makarska, Brela,Omiš and Split
BIOKOVO, a mountain along the central part of the Dalmatian coast. In the north-west, the Dupci Pass (288 m) separates Biokovo from the Omis part of Dinara Mountain; in the south-east, a steep limestone mountain range continues all the way to Bacina, i.e. to the area around the Neretva mouth (36 km long, up to 9.5 km wide).
Biokovo descends toward the sea in very steep and bare limestone rocks, under which is a narrow and green littoral belt. Major peaks include: Sv. Ilija (St. Elias) (1,640 m), Sibenik (1,314 m), Stropac (1,145 m), Vrsac (1,411 m), Sinjal (1,333 m).
Only a couple of trails for people and animals lead along limestone cliffs. Sparse forests, barren karst valleys and scanty pastures offer rather limited resources.
Permanent and temporary water sources appear on the point of contact between limestone rocks and the Primorje flysh zone, important for the villages and crop farming. Coastal settlements developed in the 19th century (Makarska, Baska Voda), winning an important role in traffic and trade after the construction of roads around Biokovo.
In recent times, beauties of the landscape under Biokovo and tameness of its littoral attract many foreign visitors, facilitating thus a more rapid development of tourism.

For more informations take a look:
Web: www.biokovo.com

Biokovo offers several moun---tain lodges: the mountain lodge under Vosac, another one under the Sveti Jure peak and the "Slobodan Ravlic" lodge at Lokva.

The Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotisina has been established (1984) above the village of Kotisina, a horticultural monument (16.5 hectares) aimed at nature conservation, i.e. protection and cultivation of the Biokovo plant life.
Access from the coast: Makarska - Makar - Vosac - Sveti Jure (5 hrs 30 min); Makarska - Tucepi - Staza - Sveti Jure (asphalt road, 31 km).

The religious feast at the chapel of St. George (on the very top of Sveti Jure) is held on the last Saturday in July.



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