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Croatia - Dalmatia - Natoional Parka Krka river, close to Sibenik and Skradin
KRKA, a river in Dalmatia; springs out at the western foot of Dinara Mountain and flows into the sea near Sibenik; length 72.5 km. In the parts of the course where the Krka flows through marly soils, certain extensions are created (Arandelovac, etc.).
In limestone it forms a narrow and deep canyon (up to 200 m), flowing over travertine barriers and creating waterfalls. In the upper course are two 10-m high waterfalls. At the entrance of the Krka into the Knin field is a waterfall called Veliki Buk (20 m).
In the lower part of the course are the waterfalls: Bilusic (19.6 m), Prijen (15 m), Manojlovac (three waterfalls; 84.5 m), Roski Slap (25.5 m) and Skradinski Buk (37.5 m), the most beautiful of all.
Between Roski Slap and Skradinski Buk is Visovac Lake (13 km long) with an islet (see Visovac). Downstream of Skradinski Buk is the Krka river estuary (about 20 km long), in which freshwater mixes with saltwater. Part of the estuary is also Prukljansko Lake.
The waterfalls were used for the production of electric power. The first hydro-electric power plant was constructed in 1898 near Skradinski Buk and the second one in 1906 near the Manojlovac waterfall (hydro-electric power plant Manojlovac I).
The course downstream from Knin to the Sibenik bridge, comprising an area of 110 sq km, was set aside as a national park in 1985. The park area received numerous visitors (about 400,000 visitors in 1990). In the period 1991-1995, Krka National Park was severely damaged when the sparse vegetation was partly burned.
Information: Krka National Park Management: Sibenik, Ul. Ivana Pavla II.


The National Park may be reached from Skradin, by boat of the National Park, which goes upstream to Skradinski Buk. Another access to the Park is by car, to the entrance in Lozovac. From Lozovac -buses of the National Park take visitors to Skradinski Buk. The waterfall Roski Slap may be reached by car via Miljevci or via Skradin.
The cruise from Skradinski Buk to Roski Slap includes also Visovac Lake, located between these two wonderful waterfalls. The tour includes also the sightseeing of Visovac and the Franciscan monastery on the islet. The monastery may be visited individually. In that case it is necessary to take the monastery ship on the Miljevci side of the coast of Visovac Lake, below the village of Bristane.

The Park visitors may see the water mills in which cereals are ground with millstones and taste bread made of such ground cereals. There is also an ethnographical collection. Within the Park are several catering establishments.



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