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Croatia the Folklore Heritage
LADO - Folk dance ensemble of Croatia

LADO is an archaic Slavic word, frequently used as a refrain in old ritual songs of the North-West Croatia, and a synonym for the expression meaning "good", "lovable, "dear".

LADO Ensemble of Croatian folk song and dance was founded in Zagreb, in 1949 as a profesional national ensemble.

36 brilliant dancers of the Ensemble, who are also excellent singers, can easily transform the folk dance ensemble into a representative folk choir, while its 15 superb musicians play some forty different instruments.

In its imposing choreographic and musical repertoire, the LADO Ensemble primarily pays homage to original folk art, making it recognizable and well known throughout the world.

With its unique collection of highly valuable authentic national costumes (more than 1000 costumes), each concert of the LADO Ensemble is a kind of fashion show of the original Croatian traditional attire.

When in the review of a LADO's concert one reads that its perfomance tastes of the spring- water, it is perhaps the best description of its character: clear, refreshing and indispensable to life, reflecting on its surface the man and the whole nation and its culture.
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