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Cheese of the Island of Pag.


Croatia - Dalmatia - Island Pag
Cheese is a trademark of the Island of Pag, and is well known abroad. The uniqueness of this cheese, which makes it differ from all other types of cheese, is its firmness and salinity and not the processing technology used. The sheep on the island are raised on the mountainous slopes where the grass is exposed to frequent northerly winds and sprinkled with salt and is full of ethereal oils. It is due to this kind of fodder that the cheese has such a specific and distinctive flavour. The unfermented and considerably softer cheese can be obtained during the first winter and spring months. Aged cheese is of an exceptional grating quality. Once bought, the cheese must be dipped in oil, wrapped in cloth and kept in a dry, dark place.

The production of high quality cheese firstly requires high quality sheep's milk, and the processing itself is done in a number of phases:
  • Acidity testing and selecting
  • Pasteurisation at 70 degrees centigrade and cooling
  • Heating to curdling temperature
  • Additional heating to 42 degrees centigrade
  • 20 minute drying period
  • Forming and moulding
  • 4 hour compacting period
  • 48 hour brining at 22 degrees centigrade
  • 100 day aging period


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