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Lace from the Island of Pag


Croatia - Dalmatia - Pag
 The lace from the island of Pag is the "white gold" of the town of Pag and the best souvenir one can take back from it, as well as being a truly "Authentic Croatian souvenir". It originated in ancient Mycenae, arrived to the island of Pag via ancient commercial routes and has survived to modern times. It is an exceptionally nice lace - a handiwork appropriate as a token for personal recollection or as a gift. The lace is best presented on a dark background and framed. There are a number of different lacings styles and shapes. It differs from other types of lace in that it uses a thin thread and is very endurable. The lace can be obtained from the lace makers who, during the summer months, lace in front of their homes.

A Lace making School exists as a part of the "Bartul Kasic" Secondary School in the town of Pag, as well as the "Frane Budak" Lace Maker's Association of the Island of Pag, where it is possible to obtain a larger quantity of lace. A smaller lace design can be an exceptionally beautiful detail on formal wear. To the long-standing tradition of lace making testifies a piece of information about its first presentation in 1880 at the World Trade Exhibition in 1939 in New York. Queen Mary Therese had a lace maker at her court in Vienna for the sole purpose of producing lace for the needs of the court.



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