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Croatia - Lika - The Caves of Cerovec

The Caves of Cerovec are situated in Lika, some four kilometres from Gracac, and can, therefore, be easily reached from the main road from Zagreb, Zadar, Split or Sibenik. According to spelunkers and visitors to the caves, they belong to the most intensely researched and richest caves with natural ornaments of all visited by tourists in Croatia. Two caves of a total length of 4000 metres are found on Mount Crnopac, which marks the end of the Velebit massif just above the Gracac plateau. They offer the possibility of an interesting visit into the underground realm, from where a person will return overflowing with new impressions of the less familiar world and creative power of nature. Both caves have been prepared and are lighted for tourist visits to a depth of 800 meters.
The caves consist of a number of elongated corridors and large vaults, and are full of lakes, stalagmites and stalactites, columns and crystals in wondrous shapes and colours. Visitors have readily associated and recognised in the forms and shapes of the natural phenomena either "fossilised wedding party", "Santa Clause" "Well of Life", "colourful waterfall", "pagoda", "an organ" and other shapes. The largest of the vaults in the caves is 70 meters long, 30 meters wide, and between 10 to 20 meters high, making one feel as if one were in a marvellous cathedral.
It is difficult not to imagine how the architects of luxurious gothic styled buildings might have been inspired for their deeds by the ornaments of the caves, after giving the caves a visit.


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