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Croatia - Dalmatia - Sailing
Thanks to an extremely indented shoreline, over 200 islands and islets, many straits, channels and coves and a suitable climate, the waters of Zadar are a paradise for all sorts of sailing activities.


Organised docking:

  • Pantera, Cuna, Bok and Lucina coves on Dugi Otok
  • Soline, Sv. Ante and Zdrelac coves on the island of Pasman
  • Brgulje, Molat and Zapuntel on the island of Molat
  • Olib on the island of Olib
  • Lokvna cove on the island of Rava
  • Mljake and Ist coves on the island of Ist
  • Krijal cove on the island of Premuda
  • At these organised dockings, paper work is completed, garbage collected and removed, fire fighting equipment as well as ecological protection is in place. The use of buoys is recommended for safe anchoring and the protection of the sea bottom from the algae Caulerpe taxifolie.
    It is recommended that only one ship anchor per buoy at a rope distance of a minimum of 3.5 metres. The anchoring blocks weigh 700 kg on land and the anchoring chain is 20 mm thick.


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