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The Zrmanja River with its shallow tributary Krupa is one of our loveliest rivers. The green of the river combined with the sheer cliff faces of the canyon, the exciting rapids and "Veliki buk", a 13 m impassable waterfall, are breathtaking. The usual rafting course begins at kaštela Zegarsak and goes down to Muskovac. The course from Ervenik to Kastel Zegarski is one of the best in this part of the world belonging to the 4-5th category. The rafting season on the Zrmanja River, due to the vicinity of the sea, opens early in March. At that time, the Zrmanja is a true rafting river, measuring up to any of the world's best rafting rivers.


It is however most attractive in April and throughout the whole of May when the canyon walls turn into flower beds. There is ample water then and the weather, as a rule, is nice and warm. As summer approaches, rafting gives way to wonderful trips into nature with an unforgettable swim on "Veliki buk" after which one can go and enjoy the landscape scenery of the well known Winnetou movies. At the beginning of August rafting slowly comes to a halt only to restart in the fall after the rains have filled the "Zrmanja vrelo" (Zrmanja spring).

Extreme rafting: Rafting on the Zrmanja River is best after heavy rains and snowmelts. If the weather forecast is attentively paid attention to, it is possible to experience rafting of the 5th category, even in Croatia. The Zrmanja is best suited for this.





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