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The specific quality of the Zadar area lies in the beauty of its archipelago and its waters, which possess a wealth of walls, reefs and caves, often teeming with fish, particularly in the geological zone of the outer wall of the Kornati - a separate geological structure with a rich biological community named after the outer (western) side of the Kornati belt. Research has, however, found that it is a part of a single entity which extends northwards, across Dugi otok. Countless inclines, underwater crevasses, caves and the exceptional visibility of the submarine world of this area constitute an attraction of the Adriatic which has still not been fully realized. It must be pointed out, though, that many locations require either personal experience or supervision by an experienced guide from a diving centre, in other words the most attractive locations are often not suitable for solo diving by beginners. It happens quite frequently that divers, fresh from a diving course, drawn by the beauty and clarity of sea, exceed the limit of 20 m of depth, thereby exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Croatia - Dalmatia- diving
In Dalmatia it is the Zadar area which is richest in islands and the advantage of this type of aquatorium is that regardless of weather conditions a location well protected from winds and waves can be found for safe diving. Waters around the island of Pag conceal a considerable number of shipwrecks, but at greater depths (over 40m), which are inaccessible for diving using compressed air, but which are now accessible for divers able to use gas mixtures for deep sea diving (technical diving). However, this form of diving demands a great deal of experience, training and professionalism, and only a relatively small number of divers engage in it. Apart from its complexity, the cost of the gas preparation needed for diving at great depths is still beyond the reach of the wider diving population. Consequently, the expansion of diving tourism and its supply continues to crucially depend on the accessibility of locations not exceeding 40 m in depth (optimum depth for diving using compressed air).


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