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The Zagreb – Split highway is part of the road traffic route between continental north-western Croatia (Zagreb-Karlovac) and the northern Dalmatian regions (in conjunction with the Adriatic road routes). In the network of planned roads this highway supplements and connects the two vital European routes: (E-59) Maribor – Zagreb – Split and (E-65) Rijeka – Split – Dubrovnik. This highway connects the north and south of Croatia and for a whole series of reasons it is of vital importance to the Republic of Croatia. It represents a strategic prerequisite for economic growth in the widest sense, from the revitalisation of the entire economy, especially tourism, to accommodating and carrying out of transit traffic.

On the section from Zagreb to the interchange Bosiljevo 2, the highway passes through the European corridor Vb (Budapest – Zagreb – Rijeka), so that this part of the highway coincides with the highway Zagreb – Rijeka. The function of the inter-regional interchange Bosiljevo 2 is the division of the traffic into two highways: the Zagreb – Split highway and the Zagreb – Rijeka highway. The highway from Zagreb to Bosiljevo 2 is 67 km in length, with the company Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb d.d. responsible for its construction, maintenance and management. The company Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o. is responsible for the construction, maintenance and management of the part of the highway extending from Bosiljevo 2 to Split, which has a total length of 313 km.
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