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between river Sava and Moslovacka Gora Mountain
Croatia - Slavonia - Nature park Lonsko polje
LONJSKO POLJE, a part of the flood plain between the Sava river and Moslavacka Gora Mountain, partly along the Lonja river; a retention basin for the Sava waters. Lonjsko Polje Nature Park comprises an area of 506.50 sq km. It is famous for a variety of flora and fauna. Very interesting is also the architecture of a great large number of well preserved Posavina-style wooden houses, which are a true monument of archi-tectural heritage. Some areas of the Nature Park (ornithological reserves Rakita and Draziblato) are even under a stricter regime of nature conservation. Marshy meadows, ash, willow and poplar forests in the Reserve are an important nesting place of ducks, while the flood oak forests, meadows and pastures of Lonj-sko Polje are the natural habitat of a number of rare European bird species (white-tailed eagle and short-toed eagle, white egret, grey heron, black stork, etc.). This flooded area, where high waters hold for up to six months, is one of the largest European hatching grounds of pike. Amply represented are also other animals typical for this area (spotted Turopolje swine, wild boars, the protected horse breed - Croatian Posavac, deer, roes, otters, beavers, wild cats).
Bird watching, cycling, walking, boating, horseback riding, bathing and hunting and angling to a limited extent are major sports and recre-ational activities. The local cuisine (fish paprika stew, so-called "krapec na procep", venison goulash, etc.), excursions and photo-safari in Lonjsko Polje are unforgettable experiences.

Web: www.pp-lonjsko-polje.hr


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